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Tallinn audio guide (ENG)
Complete with 41 top sights in the Old Town and 11 additional stories about colorful history of Estonia, traditions and habits of Estonians, scary ghost stories and thrilling legends. A map in PDF format with the site numbers is included. More information...

Price: €14.90

Tallinn Guide e-book (ENG)
Includes 52 stories (165 pages), as told by the best personal tour guide, illustrated with lots of photos: about 41 top sights in the Old Town of Tallinn and 11 additional stories about Estonian history, traditions and customs, cuisine, jokes, legends, life in medieval times. A map in PDF format with the site numbers is included in the e-book. More information...

Price: €9.90
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What people say about us:

Tallin guide “Tallinn audio guide and e-book are valuable resources for anyone looking to have an exciting, memorable, and educational visit to Tallinn. It is like having an entourage of a local friend, cultural expert, and a historian all walking together with you. Listening to or reading these vibrant insights, vignettes and narratives brings the local culture to life, creating a rich visual experience.” James, CEO of a publishing company
traveler “Tallinn Guide has achieved that happy medium that many tourists wish a guidebook could be: it’s longer and more informative than a regular travel guide, yet more concise than a huge book. Plus it guides you around sites as if you’re on an actual tour – something that no other guidebook does.” Katherine, serial traveler
Professor “The special thing about Tallinn Guide is that it can be read anytime. It is so rich with high quality photos and interesting stories that one doesn’t even have to be in the place it is describing to appreciate it!” Connor, Professor of Psychology
writer “Finding a personal tour guide who conveys the essence of the local customs, legends and rich history of your visit, is like gold-dust. Tallinn audio guide and e-book do just that. You can relive the tales, walk through history and feel part of it, discover secrets you never imagined. Compelling, informative, and memorable, these stories are every visitor’s favorite companion.” Macy, writer
expert “The best tour guide I ever had was in Paris because he was the one who told me the best stories about the places we looked at. He brought the places to life for me. Tallinn audio guide and e-book are like having that tour guide at your fingertips anytime, but now in Tallinn.” Donna, IT Consultant
expert “My wife and I looked at the Tallinn Guide e-book before we went to Tallinn and hoped to get a feeling for the place. We were amazed at how realistic it seemed. The stories were well written and actually entertaining! The pictures were of good quality and well placed in the pages. The map at the end was quite small but we got used to using it as it was well referenced to the stories.” Charlie & Margaret
expert “I wanted a taste of Tallinn before going there on business. I chose Tallinn Guide and read about the Town Hall, Dome Church, Wheel Well Street and really enjoyed the story about Estonian jokes. I felt prepared for my trip there and I knew something about the city so that I could chat with my hosts. When I actually visited the Dome Church I realised just how good Tallinn Guide was – it was so easy to find my way round and I could use the e-book on my iPad with confidence to get the most out of my visit. Well done!” Lin, Business Developer
expert “I visited Tallinn with some friends and we bought the Tallinn Guide eBook to find our way around the city. It was great! We were able to wander round as we pleased either together or in smaller groups. If we wanted a break, we took one. If we wanted to continue the next day – we did. All the advantages of a real life tour guide without the guide. The stories were well written too – I would really recommend the experience!” Pellegrino, Cross-Cultural Communications Expert & World Traveler

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